Mana Modular is perfect for



Fill Mana with your favorite combination of preamps to shape your sound. Create headphone mixes and monitor the performance.



Use 500 modules to color your mix.



Combine different modules to create your ultimate sound rig.



Use mastering grade center section and speaker controller.



Small footprint and extensive features makes mana perfect for anyone learning analogue gear.


Creativity and freedom starts here


Total control with faders

Large 100mm P&G faders in every channel give you a full control over your mix.


500 series compatible

Supports modules in 500 series format. Load your Mana with the modules of your choice to create the ultimate sound rig.


Dual Mix Bus Design

Instead of only one mix bus Mana features two! In addition to modern, super clean current summing mix bus there is a second one – the voltage summing bus with transformer, similar to the British consoles from the 70s. Each channel can be assigned to the mix bus of your choice giving you amazing sonic flexibility.


Mac® and PC Control

Control your Mana from Mac® or PC over USB connection. Mana comes bundled with a beautiful and ergonomic control software allowing you to save and recall the settings, as well as change settings in real time during your session.


Easily Expandable

Out of channels? Add more Mana to the mix! Easily expandable to 32 channels, in units of 8, the standalone 510 is suited to small scale recording, mixing, mastering and teaching operations.


Mastering grade Master Section

Solo and Cuts, Aux sends, Signal Routing and center section with mastering features with ultra high quality monitor controller and built in headphone amp.


Accurate Metering

Signal level meter in every channel

  • Small unit with big possibilities. I like it.

    Jacek Miłaszewski - Recording Engineer,Mixer,Producer
  • That’s actually really cool. And it’s so tiny so it’s cute!

    Tony M.
  • This is incredible! Can’t wait to try it!

    Matt D.
  • Waaay cool. A fresh approach to the modular systems of old.

    Angelo C.
  • Check out this new suming mixer from Mana Modular. Its on my bucket list.

    Creative Audio Works
  • A very cool (and long overdue, imho) concept!

    Kush Audio

Mana Modular in practice


See how unique Mana is


Support us on Kickstarter!

Mana is a complex product with thousands of parts and custom made elements. To keep the prices at reasonable level and maintain good relations with our suppliers we need to be able to order large quantities of parts.

This requires substantial resources.

This is why we will have launched a Kickstarter campaign to invite you to join us in this amazing adventure. Feel free to visit the campain or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch and get the latest news on our progress.

Mana Kickstarter Campaign

Our Story

For us, Mana represents the highest quality, passion and experience.

The word “Mana” comes from Māori and means spiritual power and personal influence. For us, Mana represents highest quality, passion and experience. Mana Modular was designed to enable you to build your unique setup, shape your own configuration, and to grow and change with your needs.

The Mana Modular project started in 2014. Research, months of testing, analyzing user needs, cost optimisation and finally we can present to you Mana 510. Creating such an innovative and convenient mixing console was an amazing but also very demanding adventure for us.

In May 2015, we completed the firmware and gathered most of parts of Mana. The prototype was almost ready, but we realised we wanted something more from the design perspective. In June 2015, we started to change the shape of Mana and a month later the design of new metalwork was finished. And now, we can proudly say that Mana 510 looks gorgeous! What’s more important, Mana 510 is the first in a series of Mana Modular small format mixers. The key to Mana’s unique shape is an extruded aluminum piece.

Since July 2015, we worked on features implementation, control app, custom aluminium profiles and accessories. All these things make Mana Modular a versatile and complex solution. The unique design allows for affordable, easy assembling and enables us to build other units, like the 508 or Rack with very little additional cost. Mana 510 gives you the best of both music worlds: a premium analogue audio console easily scaled to 32 channels and integrated digital control with low upfront and support costs in a single, modern, ergonomic package.

And finally, in July 2016, we released Mana 510 on Kickstarter. Mana is now within your reach!


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